Going Through the Rapids

If you’re the adventurous and outdoorsy type then you are going to love today’s blog! This weekend I kayaked the Coosa with 2 of my younger brothers and we had a blast! We’ve been quite a few times so we’ve learned how to make the most out of the trip. The amazing team at Coosa Outdoor Center hooked us up with out boats, life jackets, and then dropped us off at Jordan Dam to paddle our way down. That’s when the fun started.

Almost as soon as we started paddling we pulled off to the right of the river where there are some awesome rock formations. There’s trails that lead to the top, and if you’re a daredevil than you can jump into the water off the rock. It’s around a 20 feet drop, but if you’re a chicken like me then there is one just below it that’s about 8 feet. Be sure you check how deep the water is before you jump, we had to go down a little further to get to the deep area and avoid hidden rocks under the water.

After jumping a few times we got back in our boats and we kept on paddling. We stopped again where the water is only about two feet deep and you can walk along with the current. It is fast moving water, so don’t let go of your boat ;) Because of the current it was a little difficult to get back in the boat, but it was a fun way to cool off.

About half way down the river there’s a big rapid called moccasin gap that depending on the day is either class 2 or 3. This is my favorite part of the river. We always stop here to cool off, swim a little, and even body surf the rapids a few times. We stayed here for about 30 minutes before deciding everyone was hungry. We don’t need any hangry people on the river, so after that we headed on down the river.

If you were looking for one more place to stop you can pull off at corn creek, or even paddle up it. There’s a pretty waterfall not to far off the river. You’ll be able to see the take out sign from corn creek, so make sure you don’t pass it.

If you’re wanting to kayaking then check out the Coosa Outdoor Center. They are located across from the Russell Do It Center in Wetumpka. It was about $30 a person to go and that included everything. Go ahead and call to make a reservation and you can save $5. That’s what we did! Plus if you’re looking for a rain jacket or outerwear they have 50% off brands like North Face, Mountain Hardware, and Marmot.

Happy Paddling,


The Truth Behind Outlets

I love shopping for good deals! I visited my grandparents over the 4th of July weekend and where they live there is a huge outlet mall. The sales were screaming my name. I went not once, but twice! But lucky for me I found this interesting article about how outlet stores actually work. I always assumed that outlet stores worked like our clearance Dillard’s in Eastdale mall where stores send all of the stuff that they didn’t sale to be sold at lower prices. In some cases that may be true, but it’s mostly not.

Stores like J. Crew, Saks, and even Gap have outlet stores. About 10% of the merchandise is from their stores, but the rest of it is basically a lower quality item that can be sold at friendlier prices. The price on the tag, the MSRP, is just the “market value” of an item. That doesn’t mean that store ever sold it at that price. They’ll lower the price and make you feel like you’re getting a great deal. Sometimes it can be, and other times it’s just a discount off a really high markup. Gap even has a different tag to mark their outlet brand (3 dots under the square). Here are some more details on the sad truth behind outlet stores. Don’t fret too much! It’s still a cheaper alternative to full retail. Plus, there’s always clearance Dillard’s where you can get up to 90% off. You can find out more about those sales here.

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