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"The world of finances isn't the easiest thing to understand. That's what I'm here for! I'll update the site with blogs to help you understand things like credit and loans, as well as give some tips to help you save your hard-earned money. I'm not a financial expert, I'm just like you and I want to share my experiences so we can learn together! This website is a portal for you to learn everything you need to know about finances. If you have any questions, or there is a topic you want me to cover, feel free to message me and ask! I'm here for YOU!"


– Kaison Darden, Young & Free Alabama Spokester

Understanding how to manage and grow your money is a fundamental skill that most young people are missing. Unfortunately, personal finance is just not taught in many schools. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with practical tips to get a handle on your money.

Living Young & Free Field Guide

It’s a jungle out there!

You wouldn’t travel to a foreign country without checking a few things out first, would you? Maybe check out some online sources or take a travel book out of the library? Likewise, you shouldn’t head out into the wild world of finance until you’ve done a little background research. 

Living Young & Free Show 

Money tips, tricks and hacks!

Published every two weeks on our blog, the Living Young & Free Show is a collaborative effort between all of the active Young & Free Spokesters. Each episode is under five minutes and is packed with useful topics and tips.

The latest episode

A network of advocates

Seven of the Young & Free Spokesters recently got together in Nashville, Tennessee.

Seven of the Young & Free Spokesters recently got together in Nashville, Tennessee.

To date, 30 creative, outgoing and Internet-savvy young people from around North America have held the coveted dream job of Young & Free Spokester. Each has brought their own unique style to the position and each has had a significant impact at their credit union and in their community.

What does this mean to you? It means that 30 people have spent a ton of time researching, writing and creating blog posts and videos about financial stuff that matters to you! Take some time and explore the entire Young & Free network.