Give a Dollar & a Shoutout

This time, Kutoa has been the recipient of a gift!

"Day 13: One Dollar Can Change the World. This organization will ONLY let you donate $1 each month and you get to vote where you want that money to go. You can help over 12 charities each year just by donating $12! Check it out! For more info check out my blog or #25DaysOfGiving" - Jeremiah Stone // @YoungFreeAL //

Jeremiah, you really made our day! Not only has he given a shoutout to us on Instagram, Twitter and his blog (representing the Young & Free Alabama Spokster for Guardian Credit Union), he has created a beautiful picture for Kutoa, subscribed to 12 months of $1 donations, AND (wait for it) has increased his impact because another person has joined because of him! WOW.

He started #25DaysOfGiving before 10 days before we started and has given a lot for his community, like ham, used clothes, and laundry detergent. All of his gifts have a related blog post to explain his research behind the organizations and causes he supports. Big props to him and a huuuuge THANK YOU!

+ Original article Picks: The Top 20 Credit Union Blogs

No list of top credit union blogs would be complete without at least one entry from the Young & Free, a group of 35 bloggers/”spokesters” representing youth-friendly credit unions throughout the US and Canada. Jeremiah, voice of the “18 to 25 year old Alabamian,” makes the list with his Young & Free Alabama blog, repping Guardian Credit Union of Montgomery, AL. Jeremiah’s blog is an entertaining blend of financial tips, musings, news, and advice–often with video! You’ll find posts covering everything from boosting your credit score to getting a safe deposit box to prepping for a date. As with all of the Young & Free blogs, you’ll also benefit from videos featuring the likes of “Credit Squirrel.”

+ Original article