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No list of top credit union blogs would be complete without at least one entry from the Young & Free, a group of 35 bloggers/”spokesters” representing youth-friendly credit unions throughout the US and Canada. Jeremiah, voice of the “18 to 25 year old Alabamian,” makes the list with his Young & Free Alabama blog, repping Guardian Credit Union of Montgomery, AL. Jeremiah’s blog is an entertaining blend of financial tips, musings, news, and advice–often with video! You’ll find posts covering everything from boosting your credit score to getting a safe deposit box to prepping for a date. As with all of the Young & Free blogs, you’ll also benefit from videos featuring the likes of “Credit Squirrel.”

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Guardian Credit Union Launches “Young & Free Alabama”…”Are You Our Next Spokester?” Job Search


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If you are social media savvy, a video natural, and a creative blogger, you may be the next Young and Free Spokester for Guardian Credit Union.

Guardian Credit Union has launched a program geared toward reaching the River Region’s 18-25 year old market and helping them to “Get Money Smart.” Alabama’s future innovators, professionals, and entrepreneurs are today’s dreamers; and Guardian Credit Union’s next Spokester will certainly be landing the ultimate dream job including:

  • A competitive salary for 1-year
  • An Apple MacBook Pro notebook computer
  • An HD video camera with mic & accessories
  • An iPhone with a paid contract

Guardian Credit Union’s Young and Free Alabama Spokester will create and post daily blog entries and weekly video blogs, travel, attend, and speak at events promoting the credit union and financial and social topics relevant to 18-25 year olds, and most importantly, have the creative ability to live and work ‘young and free’ in an effort to financially educate and entertain their peers.

Self-motivated, dynamic, and creative 18-25 year olds savvy with writing and the film and editing process who think they have what it takes to be Guardian Credit Union’s next Young and Free Alabama Spokester and serve as the voice of the River Region’s “Gen Y” should log onto  to find out how to snag the job of a lifetime. 

For more information on Guardian Credit Union, you can visit our website at or call 244-9999.

Information Source: Guardian Credit Union

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